Welcome to Slow Food Maine.

We are a community-building collective geared at reconnecting with one another and teaching about the power of the plate. With every choice we make in regard to our food, we influence the world around us. By purchasing local products, supporting area farms and small businesses, we actively move forward in building up our community. In our lifetimes we have seen a shift away from local sourcing as companies push to provide the cheapest products in the quickest turnaround time. We are here to combat this idea and encourage people to invest in their community, their land, their home. We can only thrive as individuals when we have a community at our backs to support us. When you purchase local, you become part of the backbone of that community. Without you, they will fail.

Here in our little slice of the internet, you will find back-to-basics kitchen skills and guiding recipes. The hope is that maybe you too are inspired to live your dreams and get back to a slower way of life, in whatever sense you need it. Trying to transition from big-box-store shopping immediately and completely to locally-sourced, sustainable products isn’t a reality. It takes time and effort to make the change, and for some items just isn’t feasible (if you know where to find Maine-grown coconuts, we’re interested!). We don’t want to overwhelm you or think you need to be part of some ‘elite club’ to make an impact. Simply by purchasing local eggs over those from a big-box store, you directly support your community and improve your own nutrition. Our focus here is to help people reconnect with one another, and we aim to highlight Maine’s best resources: Our farmers, our homesteaders, our sustainable businesses, and our wonderfully diverse heritage. We hope to encourage you to make small, impactful changes to improve your life as well as those in your community. We aren’t about perfection -- we are about learning and taking care of one another.

Many families struggle with how to feed themselves day to day. It is such a common tale we hear in our state, given the current condition of the world. Slow Food Maine aims to educate Mainers on how we can return to our (sometimes literal) roots, and make small, impactful changes in the way we live by using what we have. We aren’t here to tell you what you’re doing is wrong; we are simply here to encourage you to think differently about the food you buy and consume. Food isn’t exclusive -- there is no need for you to buy the best of everything, but instead simply to make the best from everything you have. With every plate, we have the power to change the world.

Please join in with the hashtag #SlowFoodMaine on social media. Our team is looking for meaningful content to share, on behalf of our communities. Whether you’re a farmer, a home gardener, a small business owner, a local restaurant, or a total beginner with the slow food ideology, we want to see how you’re making a difference in your own way! Be sure to follow along and share! We hope to feature stories on local people of all varieties and the wonderful things they bring to our communities.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events!